Why We Created This Course

What to Expect

In the Anki Mastery Course you can expect an up-to-date text and video library with digestible, targeted lessons, covering everything you need to know to use Anki as the pillar of your study strategy. The course is designed to systematically guide students, regardless of technical ability, through an efficient learning process that will result in a feeling of confidence and excitement at having thoroughly learned how to optimize ones studies with our secret weapon - Anki.

We assume zero prior knowledge and will teach you everything from the very basics, like downloading Anki, and intermediate to advanced topics, such as:

  • Using Anki to implement the best practices from the science of memory and learning
  • Understanding Anki's configuration options
  • Installing the most important add-ons
  • Ensuring a productive and realistic study schedule

There is No Fool-Proof Guide to Using Anki

Learning how to use Anki effectively is a treacherous endeavor! Isn’t it ironic that Anki, a program designed to make learning easier, is so hard to learn? We think this fact speaks volumes about how much more user friendly advanced education tools could be. The technology exists, but learning materials for mastering these tools are sorely lacking. This is due, in part, to the free and open-source nature of Anki desktop. We were surprised to find that a strong, comprehensive, and accessible guide to Anki was absent from mainstream knowledge. Our course will provide that missing piece - a fool proof, definitive guide to mastering Anki.

Well-Being is Important

It's really sad to say, but typical study materials and techniques do not optimize for the well-being of students. Reading textbooks, relying on vague and tedious note review, cramming, and scrolling through PowerPoint presentations are staples in the current study arsenal of most students. These are an ineffective use of time and very challenging for most students. Even for the students who feel they have this process down, Anki has the potential to revolutionize their definition of work/life balance and concept fluency.

Anki is complicated

People get overwhelmed by the complexity of Anki. We want to dispel this anxiety. The way students approach learning with Anki is convoluted and can be vastly optimized.

For casual learning, following Anki's spaced repetition algorithm is good enough to gain proficiency in virtually any topic. Medical school has unique challenges and Anki is not designed to accommodate these needs. We aim to bridge this gap. We'll cover unique approaches to using Anki and to studying in general that are not covered in detail, all in one place.

Students Need to Deeply Understand Anki

Anki is often not employed to its fullest potential by most users. Simply installing Anki does not confer its benefits. Many key features remain unknown to the average student. If these features were to be more widely known and used, it would free up time and make learning less stressful. Imagine, for example, feeling rejuvenated after an audio flashcard study session while exercising, instead of hunching over your desk hours on end. Using Anki can have a profound impact not only on your test scores, but also on your well-being.

Integrate Best Practices of Learning, Memory, and Productivity

  • Students will learn the most important takeaways from the research in education, learning, memory, and productivity.
  • Students will deeply understand “the why” of our methodology which is informed by evidence-based strategies for learning efficiently.

  • A definitive guide is missing
  • There is no guide to learning about learning
  • Classic study materials are inefficient and anxiety-provoking
  • Anki will improve work/life balance and concept mastery
  • Our course will help students understand our methodology which is informed by evidence-based strategies
  • We want to dispel the anxiety surrounding Anki which can be complex
  • We want to improve the way students approach learning
  • We'll discuss some unique approaches to Anki and studying that meets specific challenges of advanced education–like medicine.